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“Thanks for your help. You made this process smooth and painless. I look forward to working with you in the future.”
Terrylynn H - Real Estate Broker/Owner
“Please give me a call so that I can thank you profusely for the service you provide and for which I have grown accustomed”.
Mike M – Real Estate / Principal
“I am the Principal of several real estate offices in the area. We have placed our E&O insurance through American Risk for a number of years and expect to continue to do so, and have also recommended them to others. I am extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism, due diligence and attention to detail that they provide. Not only do they respond to our insurance questions, but they provide valuable Risk Management advice as well.”
Mike C – Real Estate/ Principal
“American Risk Reduction Systems is an excellent insurance agency to work with; they are always ready to help you with whatever questions you might have. When I was first searching for professional liability insurance, I didn’t know exactly what kind of coverage I needed. The company helped me figure out my needs, and I got a policy that I’m totally confident about. I love the attitude that the reps have whenever I talk to them; they are friendly and really treat me with the utmost respect. I feel like a valued client, and my experiences with the company have always been excellent. If you’re looking for a company to give you Errors & Omissions Insurance, I would definitely go with American Risk Reduction Systems; you will find the E&O Insurance selections exceptional. I admit I was concerned about how much insurance was going to cost me, but I was surprised when I found out just how low my deductible and cost could be!”
Ronald T - Real Estate Appraiser
“I had spent a lot of time shopping around for professional liability insurance. I really wanted an insurance errors and omissions policy that was going to give me a broad amount of coverage at the lowest price I could possibly get. I soon discovered that getting cheap Real Estate E& O Insurance is not always the easiest task. I was really becoming frustrated with the price quotes I was getting from other E&O Insurance companies. I found through a search function and was so lucky that I did! The company went above and beyond the call of duty and talked with me at great length about the many liability insurance options open to me. The company not only saved me a bundle of cash on the policy I needed, but they helped me diminish my risks for having to use the coverage I was purchasing too! I got an Insurance Agent E&O policy that was practically twenty percent lower than most of the price quotes I was getting! This company is excellent in every way and I look forward to working with them for the long term.”
Alex G – Insurance Agent
“When I was unexpectedly dropped by my Errors & Omissions Insurance carrier, I was panic stricken! As a Mortgage Broker, I know the dangers of not having a Mortgage Brokers E&O Insurance policy in place. A colleague of mine pointed me in the direction of American Risk Reduction Systems; it’s the best advice I’ve ever received. I contacted the company and requested a quote on a Mortgage Brokers Errors & Omissions Insurance policy and was very pleased with the services and prices offered. I was thrilled with the company’s attentiveness to detail, and I was even more pleased to find just how friendly the reps are. I not only got E and O Insurance with great terms and rates, I also get quality customer service whenever I contact the company. I had an insurance policy protecting me within a week; I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was to have the coverage I needed again.”
Laura C – Mortgage Broker
“I was searching for an Errors and Omissions Insurance agency that would be a permanent and professional advocate for my company. I consider myself a person with high values and equally high demands; from an insurance agent I expected loyalty, professionalism, and a high level of responsiveness. I’ve worked with other business insurance providers before, and I was less then pleased with the customer services offered, but getting Errors and Omissions Insurance through American Risk Reduction Systems was like taking in a big, deep breath of fresh air. I’m completely satisfied with aligning myself with American Risk Reduction Systems; this company did more for me in a 24 hour period than most companies do for you after working with the company for months on end. The lines of communication are forever open when working with this company, and I can always count on being able to reach someone if I have questions or need to make changes to my E & O Insurance policy. Definitely a top-rate E and O Insurance provider.”
Donald H - Principal
“After being with the same professional liability company for ten years, I finally decided it was time for some changes. I got tired of my agent never being reachable whenever I needed assistance, and I always felt like I was forever playing phone tag with a company that should be far more concerned about my insurance needs. I did some comparative research and was referred to Slash Your Risks. I’m glad I made the decision to switch carriers even though in the back of my mind I was thinking “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” I took a chance and invested in Property Manager E&O Insurance through American Risk Reduction Systems, and I was shocked by the money I started saving with my new policy. My decision to switch insurance providers got me reduced rates, better coverage, and even better customer service. The company is ever-ready with professional advice and sound counsel.”
Bill G – Property Manager
American Risk Reduction Systems has been one of the most helpful companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with; they helped me to lower insurance costs, significantly lowered my chance of being sued, and taught me a lot about the ins and outs of litigation. This company has advisory offerings that are outstanding, and I’m quite happy with the proactive services that the company gives me. This company does more than merely draw up some insurance policy and charge me money; they actually look for ways that I can save money while maintaining necessary protections. To me, that’s a company that really cares about me and my success. I liked Slash Your Risks’ services so much that I even started getting life insurance through the company too. Now I have a single company handling both my business and personal insurance. I send many thanks and my eternal gratitude for fine services.”
Chet A - Appraiser
“I totally trust SlashYourRisks – the fact that the company has been doing business for some 25 years is what drew me to the company. When you’re working in an industry that long, your length of time in the industry says a lot to me about the quality of service provided. A company’s experience speaks very loudly to me. Of course, I still questioned the company about their Workers Compensation insurance offers and they didn’t hesitate to be clear, concise and direct about the policy I could get and what it would cover. I’ve found that since I’ve gone with American Risk Reduction Systems that the company is very dedicated to their clients, committed to offering superior service, and their policies are accompanied by super attractive features. If you’re tired of paying absurd payments for coverage, get yourself in contact with SlashYourRisks: their costs are definitely lower than other company’s rates.”
Ross R – Sole Proprietor
“Our company has just renewed our Errors & Omissions Insurance and Business Liability with American Risk Reduction Systems for the sixth time in a row. In fact, it almost seems like a waste of our time to compare prices every year, but we do. We purposely compare premiums on business liability insurance with other premium quotes from SlashYourRisks’ competitors and have yet to come up with a better price on the policy that we need. The company always has a great rate and if we want to make policy alterations, the changes are made swiftly. There’s no waiting around for American Risk Reduction Systems: they are always in the position to make policy amendments, add-ons, change requests and to answer our questions in the most comprehensive manner possible. We’ve come to appreciate the great advice and tips that the company is always giving us too, and if a problem arises, they’re lightening fast to address it.”
John H – President / Real Estate
“I’m happy to take the time to commend for their awesome services. I loved how fast it was to get information from the company: their electronic form is easy to use. I got quotes very quickly and was floored by how reasonable the cost was. proved responsive when I needed them most, and whether I’m looking for a quote, asking a question in terms of my policy, asking for clarification of terms, or simply looking for additional services, has remained truly professional. If I make a call into the company, I can always anticipate a return call. If I need documents, they are sent to me immediately, and the company focuses on ensuring that my policy is completely up-to-date. I’ve been working in close contact with the company for a couple of months now, and their services are great! If I need guidance, it’s there: that’s always comforting.”
Michael N – Title Agent/ Owner
“You’ll be impressed by Their reps are responsive, very competent, and extraordinarily patient. I was a little confused by the application form and wasn’t sure how to answer certain questions. I called the company instead, and they actually guided me through filling out the application. I now have E&O Insurance from the company, and the company maintains an interest in my company and needs even after the policy is established. They helped me understand my policy limits, deductible, and clearly indicated the effective dates for me so there was no question left unanswered. I know that this company will continue to be a valuable alliance in the future and will certain be a good contact to have when I need them the most. I’m glad I no longer have to worry about having all my bases covered: now I can forge forward with a lot less anxiety and stress!”
Susan W – Property Manager
"My carrier dropped me and I can't get coverage...I lost my prior acts .... I thought I was covered for this ...They raised my premium by 200%... I'm paying too much for my insurance:"
Susan B - Real Estate Agent